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Sheet Metal Worker

Location: Birmingham

Salary: £25,000

The Role:
Responsible for creating and installing building parts made of sheet metal. Installs and repairs heating and air conditioning ducts, roofing, stainless steel appliances, siding, and metal partitions.
Main Duties:
  • Select appropriate type of sheet metal, such galvanized iron, copper, steel, aluminium
  • Measure appropriate size of sheet metal.
  • Cut sheet metal by hand or using power shears.
  • Cut into shapes to be used in heating and air conditioning ducts.
  • Interpret blueprints to decide where ducts will go.
  • Bend ducts to form shapes.
  • Drill holes into ducts to bolt together.
  • Weld, solder, or rivet ducts together.
  • Smooth over rough edges with file.
  • Install ready-made ducts.
  • Work with work with fiberglass, plastics, and other non-metallic materials.
  • Operate fabricating machines such as shears, brakes, presses, forming rolls to cut bend, block and form or straighten materials.
  • Install assemblies in supportive framework.
  • Use scribers, dividers, and squares to mark dimensions on materials.
  • Operate computer aided drafting (CAD) equipment to develop scale drawings of products or systems.
  • Operate laser beam cutter to cut patterns.
  • Inspect assemblies and installation for conformance to specifications.
  • Coordinate schedules.
  • Analyse and resolve work problems.
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